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[ kroh-muh ] noun
CHROMA is the purity of a colour which is free of white or grey. Intensity or quality of distinctive hue and saturation of a colour.

[ kuhl-er ] noun
COLOUR is the general term we use to describe every hue, tint, tone or shade we see.


[ kuhl-er ] noun
COLOUR is the general term we use to describe every hue, tint, tone or shade we see.

[ hyoo or, often, yoo ] noun
The difference between hue and colour is that HUE refers to the dominant colour family of the specific colour we’re looking at. It describes the pure colour that is found on the colour wheel that has had nothing added to it, for example red or green. white, black and grey are not referred to as hue’s.


[ sheyd ] noun
SHADES are created when black is added to any hue found on the colour wheel. This process darkens the hue and creates a more intense colour.

[ val-yoo ] noun
VALUE refers to the lightness or darkness of a colour. It indicates the quantity of light reflected in a colour. When referring to pigments, dark values with black added will change and/or adjust the SHADE/S of any given hue.


[ tint ] noun
Light values with pigment added are called TINTS of the hue name. A tint is a mixture of a colour with white, which reduces the darkness of the colour, while a shade is a mixture with black, which increases darkness. This process lightens and de-saturates the hue


[ dep-th ] noun
DEPTH is the apparent distance from front to back or near too far. Paint colours are an excellent way to create the illusion of depth in a room.

[ tohn ] noun
A TONE is created when grey is added to a colour. The final tone depends on the amount of black and white added. The tones are lighter or darker than the original hue.

"Colour is to the eye what music is to the ear" Louis Comfort Tiffany


A little blurb about myself

Why BOND thru COLOUR?  Someone asked me this when I was conceptualising my business identity and designing the website.

The evolution of the name was a natural one. It was important for my new business name to represent what I do, who I am and where I’ve come from. In short the name implies a partnership; my partnership with my client, the relationship I have with colour and how I marry the two. The collaborative process is essential in my business, whether it be with fellow creatives or my client/s. The flow of the collaborative process helps craft an inspiring outcome.

So what do I do?  What is a Chromologist? Besides being an awesome word, it basically means a specialist in colour! My love and knowledge of colour goes far deeper than what’s on trend and/or works in a space; it is the meanings that colour holds for each of us and the emotions that they make us feel; it is the how you combine colours into a harmonious palette; it is how texture, light and the environment affect and impact your colour in a space and a design. Colour is intertwined in all aspects of design and our lives. Whether you believe in colour psychology or not there is no doubt colour affects us one way or another. It influences our well-being, our emotional state, how we feel about ourselves and our surroundings and how we interact with a space. The colours that we choose can and should be telling of who we are as independent individuals and/or how we want to be seen or portrayed, as an individual or business, in the world. Not only is colour scientifically viewed differently through the eye of the beholder but each individual reacts differently to it. As Newton believed; in simple terms, colour is a human perception that is not absolute. It is my passion to unpack this notion; and my desire to merge my knowledge of colour and the industry with my client’s needs and preference. In fact this is key to my service and is ultimately the essence of my offerings.

If you’d like to read a little more about my journey Living in Colour click here.

Yours in Colour

"Colours, like your facial expression, follow the change of emotions," Pablo Picasso


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