Claire has been involved in the paint industry for 30 years, working in both the residential and corporate market on many memorable projects throughout SA and elsewhere in Africa.

She has a diploma in Colour Therapeutics from the Iris School of Colour in Devon.

As a keynote speaker, focused on paint trends, her talks emphasise Colour Therapy, which explains how to select colour for a particular beneficial effect, atmosphere or wellness. 

She worked for Plascon for 13 years.  At the Plascon “Spaces” Showroom, her knowledge of trends and decorative art, and her interior décor styling-, colour combining- and specification skills enabled her to work as Plascon’s Global Brand Ambassador.  Before the “Spaces” showroom was built, she managed Plascon’s “Living Concepts” Showroom, during which time the team won two Excellence awards from the South African Shopping Centre Association, for design and excellent customer service.

Last year Claire joined Blackboard Jungle bespoke rugs as their South African Business Partner, where she is once again able to use her colour and design expertise to help produce highly desirable, superior quality handmade rugs, for hospitality-, corporate- and residential applications worldwide.

The past two years have seen her presenting Continuing Professional Development talks to architects nationwide and, in 2019, she presented “Future Colour Trends” abroad, to the Indonesian market.

 Claire is well known for her paint effects workshops, DIY inserts on Espresso morning TV, as well as being a regular guest who appears on décor programs and Design Exhibitions like Decorex and Grand Designs. 

She lives in Fourways with her daughter and in her free time you can find her walking in nature, netflixing and enjoying some new creative adventure that has come her way.